About Bill

Bill Coller is a Scottish medium who travels the world providing a service to people who have through death lost someone close to them. This very special gift is available to those who seek a spiritual answer to grief and enabling the spiritual world to communicate their message. The message can be both evidence of survival or advice about problems dominating your current situation.

Bills mission is not to convert, but to provide his clients both private & public with a process of choice as to how spirit comunication can add value into their lives. The acceptance of life beyond death is a personal experience based on exposure to the evidence & judgement of that information through keeping an open mind.


Bill comes from a background that is engineering based. Having served his apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer, he went on to train as a management consultant. Through this function he assisted many companies in their search for improvement.

Through-out this number of years in industry Bill also worked part-time as a spiritualist medium serving the spiritualist churches in various parts of the UK, & beyond.

During these last 25 years Bill was ordained as a Minister of Religion, & served as Regional President for Scotland & N Ireland, & laterally as Director for Trust Property plus Publicity & Public Relations at UK level.

For the last 18 years Bill has focused 100% on his mediumship travelling the world. Bill is used to working with people from other than English speaking backgrounds, including working with television, radio & the news media.


Swiss Spiritualist Church

Next service: 16th. December 2017,   Gemeindestr. 19, 8032 Zürich

Info: www.swiss-sp-church.com

Mediumship for beginners, anual training

7 Moduls a year. Starting Januar 2017

Info and appliement: www.orgam.org

Mediumship in the Scotland

Seminar  in Scotland, 08. - 15. September 2017

Info and appliement: www.orgam.org